Web ad & Social campaign

Saver Centre

Energy is challenging

AGL is one of Australia's leading energy companies, operating in the challenging context of the energy transition – the market is going through dramatic changes.

At the same time, affordability is becoming an increasing issue for customers. On top of this, energy is a low engagement category, and it can be hard to connect with audiences.

AGL tasked us to help create a supportive place to engage customers and to make it easier for people to reduce their energy bills.

The idea

There are so many ways to save energy around the home or business – but we needed make it easy for customers to know what to do. We came up with the Saver Centre – where 'it all adds up'.

We created a helpful destination all centred on meaningful information about how to save. We then created new content to engage viewers and attract customers. Introducing, Scout, the family dog to engage everyday Australia in a low involvement category.

While his family rush around busy with everyday life, Scout has made it his mission to help by searching out and nudging them towards energy saving tips around the home.

Combining 2D animation and voiceover, Scout promoted the AGL Saver Centre via a web ad, and we also created a series of videos and statics of Scout's Energy Tips for social media. The idea allowed us to introduce humour into an otherwise dry topic.

We smashed the results!

  • 12 million content impressions to a 2.2 million audience
  • 63,000 active social media engagements
  • 25,000 Saver Centre visits
  • 2,600 interactions with Saver Centre content
  • 2,900 subsequent visits to

When viewers were asked via an on-page pop up CX survey, 76% of users found the content useful.