The Artist's Palate

Television Series


Art is food, and food is art

Not everyone is an artist or can understand art, but we can all relate to food. It is there that we can all find a new appreciation for art – delicately balancing on a plate. After all, "art is food, and food is art."

In this series, we explore twelve Australian artists and their passions and processes, by demonstrating their unique approach to art and their food - culminating a treasured dish. The food goes far beyond a meal. It can be a personal expression, innermost thoughts, past cultural experiences, and the worlds of influence around them.

Seeing art together

Across the series, we will learn more about life, we question ourselves and gain new insights from artists. We share the creative signature dishes of a refugee Iranian female sculptor, to a Chinese-Scottish oil painter, a young indigenous painter with a secret passion and other stories of creation. With these personal stories, we experience what it is to create art, to share cultural inspiration and the things that make us individual. We see art, together.

The Artist's Palate is currently in pre-production.