The Healthy Cooks

Television Series

Season 1

A new vibe for television

The Healthy Cooks is an original eight-part food television series created by BENGAR for Channel Nine. The series share recipes, tips and hacks around eating well and being well. With healthier food choices, exercise and great new recipes, it's about being the best version of you.

The series idea taps into what we're already doing with our mobile phones - sharing food ideas. We're all addicted to photographing beautiful plates of food and posting for friends to enjoy. So, we aimed at reshaping the traditional cooking TV series format, with entertainment which is contemporary, relevant and fun for audiences. It takes a social media vibe to television engagement.

A fresh team of cooks

The Healthy Cooks line-up of talent is a tour-de-force of social media prowess and genuine passion for healthier food choices. The series is hosted by the wonderful Tobie Puttock, Diana Chan, Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw from Keep it Cleaner.

Supported by AIA Vitality, The Healthy Cooks is the newest, high-energy, and fun-filled series on television. It's four amazing cooks, eight delicious episodes, and twenty-four exciting dishes.

Healthy results

Season 1 of The Healthy Cooks aired 5pm Saturdays in Nov – Dec 2020, attracting 1.15M metro viewers on Ch9, digital and playback with an average of 145k viewers per weekly episode. We are currently in pre-preproduction on Season 2.