Collins Square Tower 5

Screen Arts

Digital Art Installation

An Innovation Space

BENGAR Screen Arts focuses on creating an emotional connection with audiences, whilst delivering key business information. Through motion art, we aim to create a place of calm and clarity for audiences to enjoy a deeper connection to space and its function.

Situated on Level 31 Tower 5 at Collins Square Melbourne, the innovative meeting space houses two unique LED screen assets. An 11-metre flat LED wall surrounding fire doors and 7-metre circular LED wall which is interactive. Our approach was to create high-end digital art which is informative, meaningful, and engaging for tower staff and their guests.

Bespoke Data Idea

The Level 31 innovation space is attached to powerful technologies and surrounded in data that break the bounds of time. Our idea was to take audiences closer to the very essence of the space, with 3D visualisations of live data sets represented as stunning motion art experiences. We also honoured the circular design elements and reflective nature of the interior architecture.

Interactive and Ambient

No matter what we created, each piece was founded in one idea: Time = Flow. Our LED screen experiences allow time to exist, not slip away, melding information with art. When guests arrive at the Collins Square building, they engage with our ambient 3D data art on the flat LED wall, or as a physical experience with the reactive LED ring wall.

With motion cameras situated above the LED screen we detect audience mass, velocity, and direction, mapping the live motion of passers-by to create a range of particle art concepts. People can engage with a reactive school of 3D fish, butterflies in flight, or abstract elements mimicking their every movement. Alternatively, they can sit back to take in the flow of lucid ink tank motion arts, procedural digital art and waterfalls wrapping around the physical fire doors, all to a composed audio soundscape.