GPT Melbourne Central Tower Lobby

Screen Arts

Digital Art Installation

Space To Thrive

Two years in the planning, GPT's iconic Melbourne Central Tower building has been reignited for a new generation, with a focus on our wellbeing. The essence of the redevelopment is in creating a seamless extension for the constantly evolving workplace and ensuring that GPT's assets are world-leading for people to thrive.

Working alongside COX Architects, the thinking was to amplify this new state by exhibiting unique digital motion arts in the foyer, as a welcome experience for staff and visitors whilst enhancing the design attributes of the space.

Spanning 23-meters wide and 4-metres high, the defining element of Tower Lobby Foyer is the latest in high-end Screen Technology, consisting of more than 2000 individual LED tiles. It is the largest indoor screen anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

Creating A Feeling of Centre

BENGAR approached the screen art project by visualising clear thinking, elevating mood, and refining activity for audiences. It's about creating wellness and a feeling of centre. The bespoke motion arts created by BENGAR, explore a concert of textures, tones and soundscapes in immersive art experiences for the foyer big screen.

The creative team at BENGAR pioneered procedural 'culture-themed' arts, connecting audiences to a deeper meaning to Melbourne's 'centre'. The figurative works are connected to mathematical algorithms, creating infinite thread-like texture and are everchanging.

The works celebrate Melbourne's connection our vast culture groups. Monthly themes explore our connection to events such as Lunar New Year, NAIDOC Week, Fashion Festivals, Mental Health and Melbourne sporting moments. It's celebrating the things that make us different, that bring us closer together.

Art techniques also include highspeed film of live action inks in purpose-built glass tanks, handmade resin arts representing our Australian lands and bodies of water, macro lens works representing Southern Hemisphere stellar constellations and digital collaborations with Noongar artist Peter Farmer with our unified connection to country.