The Intolerant Cooks

Television Series

4 x Seasons

Television for the food sensitive

The Intolerant Cooks follows celebrity chef Karen Martini and self-confessed super-foodie Richard Barassi (son of the AFL football legend) on healthy cooking adventures for the food sensitive. With the lactose free, gluten free and the food intolerant audience growing to over 8-million Australians this year, there's no better time for The Intolerant Cooks.

Karen with her rich experience with food and Richard's own experience of food intolerance, together they bring incredible food stories to the table. From goat farms to trout farms and egg producers, Karen and Richard bundle into their tiny Fiat 500 to forage for the finest and lovingly produced regional ingredients and recipes.

With 12-episodes each season, Karen and Richard meet fabulous farmers and producers, using their fresh supplies in their Intolerant Cooks adventures and cooking mishaps too.

Nominated "Best Light Entertainment" TV series at the Screen Producers Australia Awards, The Intolerant Cooks is Australia's most unique food, cooking and travel series to air on Channel 7.

A sticky niche for sponsors

Our food sensitive audience are active seekers of helpful and important food information which makes them incredibly loyal viewers. Across the 4 seasons so far, The Intolerant Cooks has attracted an audience over 5-million viewers across 48 episodes for our sponsors.

Each season, our 15 series sponsors have received a package of branded segment cutdowns, receiving 100k average views per post on social and a media value of over $300k in PR.